International Communication of weightless vehicles summed up the conclusions of the first month of quarantine release. It turned out, in fact, that on all continents there are enough states that have taken the decision to restore air traffic, in what quantity, international. The list also includes classic tourist destinations that are tempting to Russians.

Finally, international flights are resuming around the world. Naturally, any state allows a different degree of risk at the first frontier, and as a result of this, the lifting of restrictions happens little by little and unevenly.

IATA has assigned states once out of 4 statuses: from “complete ban” to “no restrictions”. There are also lands with partial restrictions and those for which information is being checked. In some, auxiliary requests to passengers continue to work, for example, an integral test for COVID-19, specific travel purposes, a limited list of states from which flights are allowed.

Air traffic in Africa suffers the most. Probably, for now there is only 1 state related to tourism, with open weightless borders. This is Tanzania. And even then, at the exit from the plane, all passengers are addicted to a check by doctors.

In Asia, there is no way to calm down the epidemiological situation in Thailand and Sri Lanka. In accordance with this, their status is “complete ban”. But despite all of the above, other best tourist states have restored flights, albeit in a limited mode. Among them we note Vietnam, China, India, South Korea and Japan. By the way, the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun resumed talking about the possible postponement of the Olympics. Now for 2022.

As for Europe, Montenegro, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine and Moldova do not accept aircraft as the minimum number until July 1. Let us recall that from July 1, charter programs from the settlements of Ukraine to the resorts of Turkey will begin.

Let’s move across the Atlantic Ocean. Beloved by Russians, the Caribbean, alas, remains inaccessible. Neither Cuba nor the Dominican Republic lifted the ban and, similarly, do not intend to create this in the foreseeable future.

Connoisseurs that, in fact, that there are only 2 states in the world that have completely removed all restrictions on international lines. These are Turkey and Mexico. The inaccessibility of restrictions means in what quantity their willingness to take on aircraft from anywhere on the planet.

The Russian Federation in the IATA list is located in the “blue” zone between the states where flights are operated, but with restrictions. Let us recall that, in fact, an absolute ban on international air traffic has been introduced in the Russian Federation since March 27. Now passenger flights are made only from within the state and, for example, referred to as “export flights”. There is no official information about the resumption of flights abroad. In Aeroflot’s schedule, the first planes to Turkey are scheduled for early August.


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