Cases, including hardy ones, need repeated “shaking”. Years of common life, artel life, small troubles – with a period of romance disappears, and in exchange there are mutual nit-picking and reproaches. In general, relationships, like people, sometimes need a rest.

The perfect option is a one-on-one love weekend with a friend, so that there is no need to rush anywhere. Eliminate telephones and visit some wonderful space, holding hands – this is the recipe for “prolonging” love!

A true adventure is the opportunity to freeze a joint trip to the most elegant metropolis of the Russian Federation – St. Petersburg. It is possible to go there light, capturing a couple of dressed up dresses and your own companion.

This metropolis has an unimaginable number of spaces conducive to long walks and expressive views. But there are three cult ones that you should definitely visit:

1. Embankment of the Winter Canal (Millionnaya St., between the Moika and the Neva, the nearest metro station is Gostiny Dvor).

This space breathes with a special, truly “Petersburg” charm. The first who chose it for the purpose of dating were the ladies-in-waiting of Catherine II herself. Following that, Tchaikovsky presented him with immortality by inserting into his own opera the scene of Liza’s suicide, based on a real situation seen by the composer in a printed publication: a woman jumped from a bridge, holding a portrait of her lover in her hands. The sad charm of the Winter Canal makes you think about the never-ending, forgetting useless discussions about trifles.

2. Kisses Bridge (Moika River, nearest metro station – “Sennaya Square”).

The name of the bridge speaks for itself, but it is also named after the merchant Potseluev. People came up with a sweet and touching belief: the longer the kiss of the newlyweds on this bridge, the stronger their wedding will become. Actually, for some completely determined brides, the day is not a deadline!

3. Anichkov Castle Garden (39 Nevsky Prospekt, nearest metro station – Gostiny Dvor).

The garden is all the more good and romantic because it is actually hidden from prying eyes. The bulk of casual passers-by, including, do not assume that it is possible to safely get behind the cast-iron fence, if you go around it from the side of the monument to Catherine. A wonderful, quiet space, filled with the smells of blossoming lilacs, is conducive to long confidential conversations.

There are 10 of these amazing spaces in magnificent St. Petersburg. It is likely that your couple will come up with a personal route?


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