Actually they can! Planes have flown before, and now. Just not often. For example, a flight from Dubai to San Francisco on a Boeing 777. There were a large number of other flights, in what quantity, on our IL-96. But for the past 10 years, or even all 15 of these flights through the pole is really not enough. This is also recognized by the data of the Flyradar service. Only servicemen and polar explorers fly in the leader.

But why? If it is much shorter and, therefore, more economical in terms of fuel?

Let’s take a look at the more famous comments.

To begin with, we will mark all the frivolous and implausible.

1. No one is curious to reduce mileage and travel time.

Pilots get paid for hitting the clock, not for saving kerosene.

From the point of view of the pilots, it is quite likely that this is so. But pilots are not owners for themselves, and the heads of airlines, of course, are interested in this very economy. On everything, and even more, on cutting fuel costs. To do this, they buy modern models with improved features, simplify the interior components through the use of fresh lightweight materials, etc. Yes, and the crew has a motivation “not to press the gas to the floor” without reason.

2. Universal ecologists opposite flights: it is impossible to frighten snow-white bears, their birth rate is miniaturizing.

If everything in this world depended on the concept of environmental organizations, planes would definitely not fly. In Europe, by the way, due to harmful emissions, almost all air routes have already been changed to railway. Fortunately, distances make it possible.

But the current Boeing or Airbus hovering on a hill of 10,000 meters is unlikely to ever interfere with the bears. They have much more immediate and restless neighbors – winterers at polar stations.

3. Military personnel are prohibited from flying over the poles, since they have secret military bases there.

And everyone knows that it is forbidden to fly over strategic objects.

4 states have the right to carry out financial work in the areas adjacent to the North Pole (readers showed attentiveness and found out that in fact there are 5 states! Settle who is right, you): Denmark, USA, Canada, Russian Federation and Norway. But only within a radius of no more than 370 km from its own shores. The rest of the land of the North Pole is under the auspices of the UN. That is, it is neutral. And while there really are servicemen of the base beyond Polyarny around, obviously they are not considered an obstacle to the clearance of civilian courts.

4. They do not fly, due to the fact that there is gigantic turbulence at the poles.

In fact, everything is exactly the opposite. About 5-10 years ago, scientists turned their attention to climate change in the Atlantic Ocean region and the associated abrupt rise in turbulence. Every year, flights become less comfortable for passengers and more and more difficult for the crew. Experts still do not liquidate, in fact, that this has the ability to lead to a change in weightless highways from Europe to North America. From this point of view, as one flight over the North Pole is more desirable.

5. In fact, the Territory is flat and flying through the Pole does not matter.

Let’s leave this fascinating extraordinary version to the Old Man Hottabych.


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