Anapa is a well-known resort town, where thousands of tourists with children come every summer. In addition to entertainment in hotels and on the sea, there are a large number of entertainment spaces, museums and water parks where it is possible to spend time with pleasure and usefulness.

Chocolate Museum

One of the most enticing spaces in Anapa is the Chocolate Museum. From time to time there are guided tours for children of different ages and their guardians. Everyone has the opportunity to recognize the situation of this sweet product, to look and taste true cocoa beans, to see an exhibition of figurines made of chocolate.

In the chocolate workshop, museum guests have every chance to buy goodies and pastries, as well as drink coffee. Even in the workshop it is possible to order a present for every holiday. It has the ability to be a figure of various shapes and sizes, made from true Belgian chocolate.

Jungle Book Recreation Park

One of the most beautiful spaces in this park is the Ferris wheel. On this attraction, it is possible to get a lot of positive impressions, watching the beauties of the metropolis and the regional beach from a height.

There is also a cafe in the park where you can try pies, Kuban delicacies and drinks. In the meantime, the kids will ride the rides, the mature ones have every chance to relax on the benches along the path.

Aquapark “Golden Beach”

This water park is perfect for children who prefer to splash in the water and ride the slides. The premises of the water park opened in 2001, and to this day it continues to amuse little tourists. Kids have every chance to ride on water slides of various heights and shapes, swim on inflatable circles and on mattresses. After such intense entertainment, tourists are invited to relax a bit in a nearby cafe. There is also a small shop selling bathing suits, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Circus Yuri Nikulin

The circus arrives in the metropolis any year, as a result of which every traveler is required to visit it without fail. The program of performances changes every time, and this is considered one of the key advantages of this circus.
The tent is visible from everywhere, as a result of this it is simply impossible not to notice the circus. Guests have every chance to see dexterous jugglers, trained animals, gymnasts and almost everything else.

Crocodile farm

The farm is home to over 150 different types of crocodiles. It is possible to see all of them with personal eyes, and to feed some of them, but only with the support of trainers. In addition to crocodiles, snakes, butterflies, turtles and bunnies live on the farm.

All the inhabitants of the farm are harmless and are present under the strict control of experts. As a result of this, one should not be afraid for the fact that someone has the opportunity to bite the guys or damage them.


  1. Слевой стороны от морского порта Анапы тянется прибрежная полоса с галечными пляжами. Первым на пути будет полностью благоустроенный пляж Золотая бухта , принадлежащий отелю с таким же названием. Здесь есть все необходимое для отдыха с детьми, всегда чисто и красиво. Вход бесплатный только для проживающих в отеле, остальные должны заплатить за право находится на пляже.


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