The invention of the promised tourist season in the resorts of our south is getting closer. In the Krasnodar Territory, they began to take on guests at rest homes, from 12 the first guests will be accepted by small hotels with a capacity of up to 50 rooms, in the Crimea restrictions are being lifted and from June 15 they promise to open the district community in hotels and boarding houses. What problems are faced by hoteliers and the first tourists, the ATOR Bulletin understood.

For a week now, the work of the tourist infrastructure has been tested in the Kuban. Sanatorium-and-spa institutions with medical permission were granted permission to show up. There were a little more than 200 of them. However, far from all of them, in fact, they restored the way of the guests. Only 60 health resorts dared to “risk” and start working in fresh conditions. The results for the time being, it is necessary to declare, for example, for yourself. Loading is not higher than 9%.

A gigantic proportion of establishments are present in the standby mode. They look, in fact, what the neighbors-competitors who have opened up are doing, they are waiting for the increase in the tourist stream and the fall of restrictions that are badly compatible with entertainment.

According to the ATOR Bulletin, the Adlerkurort sanatorium has opened only 1 building so far. At the same time, beaches and pools remain closed.

Sanatorium “Zapolyarye” and resolutely postponed the opening date to July 1, when the restrictions for guests will be lifted.

Rest houses of the Russian Railways-Health network have restored work, but they are betting on the highest summer months. For now, from June to August, the load is 30-50%, but after the restoration of armor, it will increase to the optimum.

Thus, with 1 difficulty that prevents rest houses from working, and tourists from rest, everything is clear. These are those restrictions on land and beyond, closed beaches, swimming pools, hammams, saunas.

But there are other negatives as well. In accordance with the latest claims of Rospotrebnadzor, employees of sanatoriums must periodically undergo a test for coronavirus. But there are obviously not enough laboratories in the area in order to comply with the research schedule.

The same goes for the tourists themselves. We have already shared doubts that the guests from Siberia, traveling by train, will be able to give certificates about the inaccessibility of the microbe no more than 2 days ago. Since they are present on the road, obviously more than 2 days and nights. It turns out that, in fact, a large area of ​​the Russian Federation is simply cut off from visiting the resorts of the Kuban.

It is not entirely clear which organizations are required to issue correct certificates of the epidemiological environment. And in this case, it’s literally not risking anything else, so as not to get into compulsory quarantine.

It should be noted that, in fact, 22 city beaches in Sochi and 6 in Anapa are no longer closed, and their list is supplemented every day.

Actually, as for hotels and other accommodation facilities that do not have medical licenses, their opening dates have not yet been named. It is likely that clarity will come on Thursday, June 11, at the next meeting of the regional headquarters for the fight against coronavirus.

In Crimea, the official invention of the tourist season is “scheduled” for July 1. This was announced by the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksyonov. Thus, from July 1, tourists from all areas of the Russian Federation will be able to drive to the peninsula for vacation. Tour operators have already seen an increase in sales of tours under the influence of pledges from the republic’s administration.

In Crimea, preparations for the season are in full swing. From July 1, 440 beaches, owned by holiday homes, hotels or rented out, must be discovered.

District hoteliers blame the fact that the requests of Rospotrebnadzor are too strict and overhead, in fact, which can be called an increase in the price of vouchers. Everyday testing of personnel, enhanced sanitary events on the ground and from inside the premises, the rise in the cost of the process of feeding the guests, for the time being, fall on the owners of the objects. But, for example, it cannot last indefinitely. All expectation, in fact, that until the end of June a number of claims will be postponed, while others will be softened.

Those who arrive in Crimea for treatment at a sanatorium will need to present a certificate of inaccessibility of COVID-19, but hotel guests will no longer need this document upon check-in. Given this and that, and that it will probably become fluent to leave the land of their own establishments and go out to the metropolis.

Returning to the date of July 1, Deputy Minister of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea Igor Kotlin stated appropriately: “The start of the season depends on the state of the situation with the coronavirus infection. It is likely that from July 1 we will start working on inter-subject tourism. I quite assume, in fact, that from July 1 we will be able to receive guests from all over Russia.


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