The other day, June 9, the Crimean authorities immediately issued 2 tempting dates regarding the completion of quarantine measures and the lifting of all kinds of restrictions related to the coronavirus.

Namely, later on, such as Rospotrebnadzor obviously backed down, and in a number of areas, in what quantity, the Capital, life quickly turned towards normalization, the conclusions of the Crimean governor did not cause much surprise. But now a significant mess has been brought in, and not only among “ordinary” Russians, but also in the media.

Finally, 2 dates were named: June 15 and July 1, 2020.

Let’s figure out what actually happens in any of them.

June 15

Already on the first day of the week in the proper week, that is, after a long weekend, the impact of the self-isolation regime ceases in Crimea. In this way, Crimeans are allowed to leave their homes without any good reason: for walking, for example.

But something else is more significant (after all, the public of the peninsula, even before the easing, was not all the more strained while maintaining isolation and distance). From June 15, a forced two-week quarantine is postponed for everyone who wants to enter the republic without a Crimean residence permit. If, of course, you don’t try to cross the border from the side of Ukraine – since for the guests the criteria do not change due to the border, they cannot escape the observation.

And what restrictions and control measures will remain in Crimea after June 15?

First of all, every visitor will determine the body temperature upon arrival on the land of the peninsula by any method. Those who have a non-contact “thermometer” will indicate more than 37, and even friends with a runny nose, coughing and sneezing, will immediately be offered to undergo an auxiliary examination. To discover the key and the base of the increased temperature. Further – according to a familiar scenario: healthy – Welcome property, there is an assumption of infection – goodbye or to the observatory.

For example, hotels and boarding houses in Crimea open on June 15 or not? Yes, they open up, but only the inhabitants of the peninsula themselves have every chance to take over. District, for example, declare. And there are probably several. The district officers like to visit “Aunt Valya” in the private sector in the old fashioned way. The hotel used to be expensive.

As a result, not all accommodation facilities will open in June: to work without tourists is only to spend money.

July 1

The head of the Republic of Crimea, Sergei Aksenov, the other day also named a second date: July 1. In general, this is Wednesday, but as a rule, openings are made either on Mon., or already on weekends.

Finally, from Wednesday, July 1, the tourist season officially and, we trust, finally opens in Crimea. The authorities of the area remove all restrictions on the accommodation of tourists in hotels and boarding houses, dwellings and entertainment centers, in guest dwellings and campsites, and, of course, in holiday homes.

The rest of the time the hoteliers have enough to prepare for the influx of guests. It is necessary to purchase food and return staff to work after forced vacations.

Actually, as for the “influx”, it is literally guaranteed. Since now thousands of Russians are sitting in their homes with redeemed vouchers for April May, June. In the meantime, they have had to endure any dates due to quarantine, but now they need to be applied. In the meantime, they are isolated.

And the Dark Sea will decently warm up by July.

That is, tourists will, as soon as they do not bring fresh funds to hotels. All expectation for fresh realizations. And they are quite strongly dependent on the opening of foreign Mediterranean resorts. First of all, Turkish. And Turkey is quite actively inviting our tourists for itself, offering service, tested over the years, and quality, and cost.

And we know, in fact, that just “inadequate” cost is quite often a prerequisite for refusing entertainment at Russian resorts. The connoisseurs compared the prices of this year and renewed their obligation to summarize: “A room in an ordinary but simple hotel in the Crimea is offered approximately 20% more expensive than in the famous Turkish Mardan Palace”. And since ours is only for breakfast, unlike all inclusive in Turkey.

Here are the things.


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