Ignoring the past difficult weather conditions, the Caribbean Islands will launch a marketing campaign in a few months in order to return tourists to the Caribbean after Hurricane Irma. “We want people – travel agents, operators and their customers – to be fully aware of the history in the area, and also to be informed which areas and objects were disturbed by the elements and which were not.

In fact, 70% of the Caribbean has not been injured and is not closed to the tourism business. Of those islands that have been specifically affected, some are already reopening,” said Frank Comito, CEO of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association. As a result of insufficient awareness of the actual impact of the hurricane, including the islands, they are not disturbed by the elements, suffer from drops in the tourist flow and cancellation of armor.

As part of a fresh campaign, hoteliers and host tour companies in the area were urged to offer tourists special bonuses for booking approval. Apart from this, the connection approached them with a wish to donate a percentage of sales to a recovery fund in order to help the islands affected by the hurricane. F. Comito recommended agents and operators to follow the activities on a special daily updated website that displays any Caribbean destination.

Storm Irma, which formed in early September in the Atlantic Ocean, became a hurricane that, in the direction of the longest time, saved the highest – fifth – power category on the Saffir-Simpson scale.

However, at this point, there is no reason for tourists who were planning a trip to the Caribbean to refuse entertainment.


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