In the heat of the light, European metropolises spend all sorts of holidays. One of the biggest chocolate festivals in the world starts on October 13, 2017 in Perugia, Italy and will last for a whole week.

On the days of the festival in Perugia, more than 1 million people are waiting for expert chocolatiers and hopeless fans of sweets. More than 200 manufacturers from different parts of the world will come to suggest their own products.

The celebration in Italy will focus on the historical part of Perugia, where carts, tents and stalls with products of various brands will line up in a row. Exhibited will be both classic tastes and smells, for example, experimental – chocolate with salt and pepper, chocolate kebabs with liquor, treats in the form of shoes, telephones, pizza and spaghetti. The apogee of Chocolate Mania will be sculptures made of chocolate – they will be made from whole pieces of this sweetness.

The air promises to be special: the metropolis will be filled with the sensitive smell of vanilla and cocoa, the noise of loudspeakers and flashes of fireworks. Concerts of performers, the launch of large weightless balls, competitions, exhibitions, master classes in chocolate making and almost everything else are expected.

Guests will have the opportunity not only to try, but also to purchase chocolate in all its diversity and cosmetics based on cocoa beans.

This thought will not leave any guest phlegmatic, especially if you visit the festival with your family.


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