Egypt has announced the resumption of international flights. From July 1, all kinds of flights without any restrictions will accept 2 airports of the state: Alexandria and Cairo, and then all others. For the first tourists, because of the border, they promise not to make draconian claims, while accommodation in resort hotels will have some peculiarities.

The Egyptian authorities want to return the foreign tourist flow to the resorts of the state as soon as possible, no matter what. They are ready to ensure the perfect security of the guests and talk about what they will actually “pay extra” to charter air carriers. Exactly what is actually happening.

Indeed, from July 1, international flights will resume with 2 Egyptian airports Cairo and Alexandria. Direct flights to the resorts of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh will start later, and experts consider the precedent of the start of flights as the first step towards opening tourism in the country.

Before departure, any passenger will fill out a special questionnaire-declaration, where they will prove that they are not actually considered carriers of the coronavirus. Without this document, you will not be able to get a boarding pass for a flight to Egypt. If you are not lucky, and your place of departure is on the “black list” of countries with the highest recorded level of the epidemic, in addition to the declaration, you will also need to worry about a vigorous – no older than 48 hours – test for COVID-19. Naturally, with a negative result. The Egyptians do not urgently ask for “chess” seating on the plane, but the mask will need to be worn on the face or close to it during the entire flight.

To date, 232 Egyptian hotels have the right to take on tourists. They are located in all the most famous resorts of the Reddish and Mediterranean Sea: Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh, Taba, Dahab, Matruh, etc.

It is curious, in fact, that the duty to guarantee every tourist with a protective mask is assigned to the host tour operators. At the entertainment, guests will begin to proceed with an “automatic” non-contact temperature measurement. For example, when passing through the entrance groups: as a solemn, for example, and back, from the pool. In more economical hotels, hotel employees will be carried away by measurement.

Accommodation in the rooms will turn out without surprises. There will be practically no “family” claims, forced single residence. That is, a family of 4 people: two mature and two guys with no tasks will receive the keys and move in once the room.

But with a hookah it will be necessary to wait: smoking a hookah, just like all kinds of global events, in what quantity, evening, on the grounds of hotels is prohibited. Violators are threatened with a review of the license.

The list of mass excursions was decently reduced. Of the cheap ones, probably only a visit to Moscow museums and the Giza plateau have been preserved. And in general, the authorities quite advise the guests during the holidays not to go beyond the land of the hotels.

One of the first in the direction of Egypt to start charters from Belarus. Starting July 4, Belavia planes chartered by tour operators will immediately fly from several settlements of the state to Hurghada and Sharm. Residents of Ukraine will follow the Belarusians to the resorts of the Red Sea. The main “suppliers of tourists” – Germany, the Russian Federation, England – do not have definite intentions, their wait-and-see position is clear. You need to make sure that entertainment in Egypt is really harmless.

At the same time, the Germans and the British have every chance to join the vacationers in the fall. Unlike us Russians.

The people of the Russian Federation still have some chances to carry out personal entertainment abroad this summer. The fact is that already on Friday, June 19, the Russian Foreign Ministry is supposed to announce the opening of borders with Belarus in the foreseeable future. During this time, the theoretical probability of getting into Egypt through the land of neighbors is noticed.

However, not everything is elementary. If Egypt follows the example of Turkey, then it simply will not allow Russians arriving on flights from Belarus to the country. And there are practically no official permissions and confirmations of the authorities, in fact, that they are ready to take on tourists from the Russian Federation, yet.

Given this, frankly speaking, it is not yet clear how it is possible to technologically cross the border with neighbors, including if it is opened: bus and railway news is still prohibited. And only “chosen ones” are allowed on their own vehicles, that is, for study, for healing, etc. With proper supporting documents, of course.

Yes, and quarantine upon returning to the Russian Federation due to the limit, in what quantity, from Belarus, our Rospotrebnadzor is unlikely to easily postpone, for example.

In general, it remains to wait for the opening of personal limits, the lifting of bans, the resumption of air traffic with other states. This has the ability to happen quite quickly, as often happens in the Russian Federation, or, on the contrary, drag on right up to 2021. And since just a similar option made a proposal yesterday in a direct


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